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What is your favorite New Orleans Saints player celebration?

Can anything top Joe Horn's cell phone?

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

So in the article on whether Joe Horn should be in the NFL Hall of Fame, I referenced the infamous cell phone endzone celebration. If you haven't seen it, make sure you check out the article and watch the video. If you don't know and can't watch it, Joe Horn had hid a cellphone under the padding of the field goal post. When he scored a touchdown on a bullet pass from QB Aaron Brooks, he pulled his phone from under the padding, and pantomimed making a brief telephone call.

Here are a few other famous Saints celebrations:

1. Lance Moore's "Hingle McCringleberry" - I could have picked any of Lance's great dances, but none made mainstream media like this one. Lance Moore paid tribute to a Key and Peele skit after a touchdown against the NFC South rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

2. Jimmy Graham disrespects the Falcon's home - Jimmy Graham was known for his touchdown-celebrating dunks over the field goal crossbar. (Did you know Jimmy Graham used to play basketball? Probably not, because it's never mentioned.) Any dunk could have been used here, but when Graham dunked against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta, he tipped the crossbar, halting action for a few minutes.

3. Drew Brees got hops - Here's one I couldn't find a video for. Another dunk, but this time by QB Drew Brees. After looking like the Saints were going to take their first loss of the 2009 season in Miami, Drew Brees helped lead the Saints to a victory. In the peak of the momentum shift, Drew Brees snuck across the endzone for a touchdown, and celebrating by dunking the football over the goal post (not like his silly lay-up "dunk" a few years later in New Orleans).

4. Tracy Porter's rodeo - Sticking with the Saints Super Bowl run, in the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings, Vikings WR Sidney Rice did the "Sharper Shuffle" (S Darren Sharper's celebration after recording an interception) after scoring a touchdown against the Saints in front of the Saints home fans in New Orleans. At the end of regulation, when Saints CB Tracy Porter picked off QB Brett Favre to force overtime and steal a win away from the Vikings in regulation, Tracy Porter mocked Vikings DE Jared Allen's rodeo-tie sack celebration.

Who Dat Nation - what was your favorite New Orleans Saints player celebration? Did I leave your favorite celebration out? Tell me in the comments. Send me presents.