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Marques Colston Continuing Life After the New Orleans Saints

Colston becomes Special Advisor to Sports Testing, Inc.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Marques Colston, the New Orleans Saints all-time leading receiver and scorer, was released by the Saints this offseason. A ten-year NFL veteran, Colston played his entire career in the Bayou.

Aside from and during his playing career, Colston was a successful entrepreneur and businessman. They say to stick with what you know, and Marques Colston definitely knows football. He was President of the Harrisburg Stampede, a professional indoor football team from 2012-2014 and has been a minority owner of the Philadelphia Soul, a professional arena football team, since 2015.

Colston has now been brought in as a Special Advisor for Sport Testing, Inc., a company designed to test professional athletes' physical abilities for any sport. Said Colston:

We are leveraging technology to help athletes develop in a variety of sports, as well as working globally to monitor and analyze general fitness trends.

There has been no announcement made as to what this Special Advisor role requires of Colston, and Colston has yet to either announce his formal and official retirement from the NFL or sign on with another team. Not just life after the New Orleans Saints - are we seeing Marques Colston move on to life after the NFL?