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Who are the Top 3 New Orleans the Organization Should Build Around?

Drew Brees

Let’s pretend like all NFL teams are basically starting from scratch. Each organization gets to protect (or “keep”) three players who are currently in the organization. Once each organization picks their three players, they then “draft” from the remaining pool of unprotected players (in any arbitrary order in this hypothetical).

There is no salary cap in this made-up world.

So, you are Mickey Loomis, the General Manager of the New Orleans Saints. Which Saints players currently on the roster - not former players - would you pick to build around?

You can use any criteria you want in selecting your three players. You can pick based off potential, age, career history, or any other factors you choose. Tell us in the comments who you picked, but make sure you explain your choices!

Here are my three:

  1. Drew Brees - Even at this point in his career, Drew is a Top 5 Quarterback in the NFL. I’ll admit: if I made this hypothetical force five or more years on a contract for the protected players, I would have had to pass on Brees, as hard as it might have been.
  2. Terron Armstead - One of the best Tackles in the NFL, Armstead might still have room to improve, which is a scary thought for opposing defensive linemen. With youth on his side, I keep Armstead no matter what.
  3. Delvin Breaux - There just aren’t that many lock-down Corners in the NFL right now, and Breaux definitely seems to be progressing in that direction. I almost considered picking Brandin Cooks or Michael Thomas with my third pick, but there is so much depth at the Wide Receiver position, I felt comfortable going with Breaux instead. Cam Jordan was another thought, but I believe Breaux might be better at Corner than Cam will be at Defensive End.