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Drew Brees’ Fantasy Football Value in 2016

Don’t make the mistake of drafting another quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger over Brees in your fantasy draft this year.

There’s only one player on the Saints roster who is a guaranteed to bring value to your fantasy football team on a consistent basis and that’s Drew Brees.

Yesterday, Matt Berry revealed his “100 Fantasy Football Facts for 2016” over at ESPN and sure enough his list started off with a few facts about our boy Brees.

Berry’s first two facts don’t paint a pretty picture for Drew’s fantasy value this upcoming season...

1. In his first two games last season, Drew Brees threw just two total touchdowns, was intercepted twice and scored just 28 fantasy points. He was tied for 17th among QBs in ESPN standard scoring.

2. Brees missed Week 3 with an injury to his rotator cuff, when he could no longer play through the pain.

But don’t worry folks because Brees never plays bad for long. After a slow start last season, Brees was back to being Brees and doing Brees things...

3. From Week 4 on, only Cam Newton scored more fantasy points than Brees.

4. For the fourth time in five seasons, Brees had at least four games with 340 passing yards AND three touchdowns. Last season, the top three scoring QBs (Newton, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson) combined for four such games.

5. Starting in Week 12 of this season, Brees will play five of his final six games indoors, including Weeks 16 and 17, the championship matchup weeks in ESPN standard leagues.

6. Brees has had at least 4,300 yards passing and 33 total touchdowns for eight straight seasons.

7. He is currently being drafted two rounds behind Ben Roethlisberger, who has never done that in his 12-year career.

7a. Seriously? I mean ... seriously?

Long story short... there are no signs yet of Brees slowing down and he’s still a safe bet to be the starting QB on your fantasy football team. He should be especially valuable later in the season. And for the love of all things holy do NOT draft Roethlisberger if Brees is still available.