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Who is the New Orleans Saints Biggest NFC South Rival?

Which NFC South team do YOU consider the biggest rival of the New Orleans Saints?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The title is enough.

Which NFC South team is the biggest rival of the New Orleans Saints? If this question is too abstract for you to wrap your brain around, think of it this way: if the Saints only win two games this season, and they were against the same team, who would you want to beat? Or put another way, if the Saints are unaffected by the outcome of a game, which NFC South team would you be cheering against loudest to lose a given game?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Saints lead the head-to-head record 30-17. Each team has one Super Bowl to their name, with the Bucs owning one more NFC South division title (6 to 5).

Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons lead in head-to-head 48-45, and are 1-0 against the Saints in the postseason. However, the Saints have won the last two meetings between the franchises. Each team has appeared in one Super Bowl (with the Saints the only of the two to log a victory), and each have exactly 5 NFC South titles.

Carolina Panthers - The Panthers lead the all-time series versus the Saints, 23-19. Like the Falcons, the Panthers have yet to win a Super Bowl, but have made two trips in franchise history. The Panthers, like the Saints and Falcons, have exactly five NFC South titles, but have won the last three in a row.

Who do you consider the Saints biggest division rival? Vote in the poll. Explain in the comments. Send me presents.