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Saints Mailbag Answers : Will the Saints get any more help at wide receiver?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted this past Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.


Do you think there's a chance Robert Meachem will make an appearance at training camp? -Spencer W.

Meachem worked out and practiced with the Saints during their mandatory minicamp last month, but wasn’t offered a contract. After putting on a little weight and not playing for all of 2015, I think the Saints were really just taking a look in case they need him in a pinch down the road. Hopefully they don’t need him in a pinch down the road.

I am a diehard Saints fan for years and just want to know that if anything significant has been done to improve the Saint's defense for the upcoming football season. - Albert

Can I be honest, Albert? If you were really a die hard Saints fan, I would expect you to know the answer to such a basic general question. They’ve made a bunch of signings, drafted a couple of guys, all under a new defensive coordinator and philosophy in his first full year. Those are all significant.

Who are your preferred, more trusted T-P writer/columnists, past and/or present? - Stu J.

I’ve always been partial to Larry Holder myself. I’ve made that known before. Mike Triplett was pretty good when he was there.

What happened to kicker Anthony Pistelli? Did he get a chance to show his kicking ability? - Lou N.

He did get a chance during Saints rookie minicamp back in May. Pistelli was one of five kickers the Saints looked at. He was not offered a contract or invited to training camp. The Saints currently have Kai Forbath and Connor Barth on the roster.

Am I the only person on the planet that thinks Andre Johnson is a no brainer addition to add at WR? Is he not a slight upgrade over Colston. Cooks,Thomas,Coleman,Johnson, and Fleener would give Brees the best group of End zone threats he's had in his career besides JG? - Anahi

If the Saints and every other team in the NFL have still not signed Andre Johnson, what do you think that means? If he is such a talent with so much to offer, why would he still be looking for a job? I’m having a hard time understanding why you think Johnson would be such an incredible addition. You realize it’s not 2012, right?