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New Orleans Saints 2016 Season Review: Recap

After going over each game, week-to-week, in the Saints 2016 schedule, what did we determine as the final record?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

This will conclude the 2016 New Orleans Saints Opponent Preview series.

Coming out of the Bye week, and with an extra week to prepare against the Carolina Panthers, the Saints were heading to a home game against the Panthers with a 3-1 record (with the only loss being the season opener against the Oakland Raiders).

At season's end, the Saints final regular season record (according to voting in the polls) comes out to 12-4.

Post-bye losses came against the Panthers (twice, Weeks 6 & 15) and the Cardinals (Week 17).

Victories were over the Chiefs (Week 7), Seahawks (Week 8), 49ers (Week 9), Broncos (Week 10), Falcons (Week 11), Rams (Week 12), Lions (Week 13), and the Bucs (twice, Weeks 14 & 16).

Closest win: Chiefs, Week 7 at Kansas City

Biggest blowout victory: 49ers, Week 9 at San Francisco

Biggest upset win: Broncos, Week 10 in New Orleans

Narrowest loss: Panthers, Week 6 in New Orleans

Biggest blowout defeat: Cardinals, Week 17 at Arizona

Biggest upset loss: Raiders, Week 1 in New Orleans

So what do you think? Can the Saints really go 12-4?