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Which New Orleans Single-Season Saints Record Gets Broken in 2016?

If you had to pick one, which record do you think is the most likely to be broken in the upcoming season?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a list of some of the major single-season records held in New Orleans Saints franchise history:

Most Rushing Yards: 1,674, George Rogers (1981)

Most Passing Yards: 5,476, Drew Brees (2011)

Most Passing TDs: 46, Drew Brees (2011)

Most Receptions: 99, Jimmy Graham (2011)

Most Receiving Yards: 1,399, Joe Horn (2004)

Most Inceptions: 10, Dave Whitsell (1967)

Most Field Goals: 31, last by John Carney (2002)

Most Total TDs: 18, Dalton Hillard (1989)

Most Points: 147, John Kasay (2011)

Most Sacks (since sacks became a stat in 1982): 17, last by La'Roi Glover (2000)

Punting Distance (Avg.): 50.1, Thomas Morstead (2012)

Punt Return Distance (Avg.): 14.7, Mel Gray (1987)

Kick Return Distance (Avg.): 30.1, John Gilliam (1967)

So what says you, Who Dat Nation? Which of these records is most likely to be broken in 2016? Does our TBD kicker nail a record amount of FGs? Does Coby Fleener or Brandin Cooks break Jimmy Graham's reception record? Can Drew Brees break his own record, and possibly Peyton Manning's NFL record as well? Does Jairus Byrd go back to his ball-hawking Pro-Bowl days?


Tell us in the comments which record you think is the most likely to fall.