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Canal Street Chronicles: The Next Generation

After more than 8 years I will be stepping aside as managing editor of this site. The position is open for anyone interested in taking us into the future.


After more than eight years of managing and growing Canal Street Chronicles, the time is soon approaching for me to step aside and allow someone else the opportunity to take our site to the next level.

I don't think it's any surprise that my contributions to Canal Street Chronicles have decreased in both quantity and quality over time. Because I am unable to devote the time it takes to maintain the high standard it deserves and because I want to see the blog continue to succeed, I will be giving up my managerial role at Canal Street Chronicles sometime in the near future. There’s no set exit date but it will be soon.

When I took over CSC back in 2008 as a 26-year-old, I was in a much different place in my life. I had little responsibility and plenty of free time. Nobody depended on me. I stayed up to 2am every night drinking and scouring the internet. Since then, I've bought a business, grown said business, bought some properties, gotten married, and had two kids, among other milestones. I simply don't have the free time it takes to do this job properly and I would be doing CSC and our readers an injustice by continuing to half-ass it. Like football itself, sports blogging is a young man's game.

I still plan to contribute and to be an active member of the staff and the community, if the new manger will have me I suppose. I could never leave. But someone else will have editorial control and will be responsible for making sure we have enough quality content on the site and across all of our social media platforms. This is not a goodbye, merely a stepping aside. It's time for someone else to put their stamp on our little corner of Who Dat Nation.

If you or someone you know is interested in the position, you can apply right here through SB Nation.

I appreciate all of the support and laughs our members have provided over the years. I very much feel like this is a family, complete with some people you love and some people you hate. I look forward to continuing the fun with all of you.

And how could I forget... WHO DAT!?!?!