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The Saints will lose at least 3 home games in 2016: Saints Mailbag Answers

Below are answers to reader questions submitted this past Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.


Predict the Saints home record this year. - Ben D.

I’ll be optimistic and say 5-3 at home, with losses to the Panthers, Seahawks, and Broncos.

Do you think the Saints will ever do PSLs? Perhaps to help for a stadium upgrade or just cuz the Bensons like money? - Hooah S.

No, I don’t. Not in the near future anyway. I think that would alienate a very large portion of current season ticket holders and I don’t think there would be near enough people in the New Orleans area willing to pay for a PSL to replace them. I think the organization knows that New Orleans isn’t a city where that would fly.

How would you comment on this Falcaholic story? Does Drew Brees still have it? While they didn’t get the memo about using a question in the headline, Drew’s gettin’ some luv from the enemy. - Russty G.

I would make sure I created an account over on their blog, read the community guidelines while I wait for my membership to be activated, then head on over to the story and share my thoughts by typing into the comment message area.

What are your top 5 favorite football movies? Sell me on each one with a "best thing about it". - Cold P.

Man, this was actually way tougher than I thought. I’m not a huge movie buff but as it turns out, a lot of the movies I do like are about football. Go figure.

Rudy - Arguably the greatest football movie ever made and the fact that it’s a true story is what makes it that much better. If I just listen to that theme song I start crying.

Any Given Sunday - If Oliver Stone makes a football movie, you’re going to have to watch it and it’s going to be good. The cinematography is just great and makes this .

Little Giants - These rag-tag bunch of lovable losers are pretty much the Bad News Bears of football. How can you not love it? It was also one of Rick Moranis’ last movies before retiring.

All the Right Moves - A very young Tom Cruise before he becomes a mega star. Lea Thompson’s first real movie. Lots of teen angst. This movie is quintessential 80s which means I’m legally obligated to love it.

Jerry Maguire - Tom Cruise again!?!? It’s a story of uncompromising perseverance. It’s a story of redemption. It’s a love story. It’s serious and deep and funny and cute. It’s got it all, backed by an Oscar-winning performance from Cuba Gooding, Jr. as told by Cameron Crowe.

Honorable Mentions

Necessary Roughness - Arguably the funniest of all football movies. And yes, I’m including The Replacements.

The Last Boy Scout - Ain’t life a bitch? Not really a football movie but damn if that opening scene isn’t awesome.