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New Orleans Saints Offer Insider Subscription

The Saints now offer an Insider Subscription. Cost $99.00/year. Details below.


There is a cost for this folks. $99.00

From the Saints site:

About Saints Insider Subscription

Introducing another valuable benefit of being a Saints fan! Gain access to our new home for compelling content, exclusive team experiences, autographed Saints merchandise and more on and the team app.

Exclusive benefits include:

- Cutting edge, 360-degree videos. A one-of-a-kind visual experience that takes you into the heart of the team and gameday excitement.

- Fan Forums. Debate the issues of the day with other Saints fans and interact weekly with players or team representatives.

- Access to our in-game Replay Center presented by Coca-Cola (must be in Mercedes-Benz Superdome)

- Weekly chances to win autographed Saints merchandise and team experiences

- Much, much more!

I’d be interested in what the Much,much more entails before I pony up. Since I live so far away now, don’t know as I’d benefit as some of you back home. Anyone who joins please give us more info.

Looks like it’s free for season ticket holders: