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Saints’ Keenan Lewis has hip adductor strain, FOX 8 reports

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According to Sean Fazende, we have a bit more insight on cornerback Keenan Lewis.

NFL: New Orleans Saints-Minicamp Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

According to WVUE-FOX8’s Sean Fazende, New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis indeed has an injury, but it’s not considered season-ending.

The Advocate’s Nick Underhill confirmed the report, and reiterated that it’s not a major injury to the veteran.

Lewis was taken off the physically unable to perform list on August 3, and would not be seen after participating in practice. Clearly, it’s another setback for the veteran corner.

All you wanted to know about hip adductors can be found here. However, here’s some relevant information:

Hip adductor injuries occur most commonly when there is a forced push-off (side-to-side motion). High forces occur in the adductor tendons when the athlete must shift direction suddenly in the opposite direction. As a result, the adductor muscles contract to generate opposing forces.

Improper management of acute adductor strains or returning to play before pain-free sport-specific activities can be performed may lead to chronic injury. According Renstrom and Peterson, 42% of athletes with groin muscle-tendon injuries could not return to physical activity after more than 20 weeks following the initial injury.

It’ll be something to keep an eye on, and it doesn’t appear that Lewis will be ready anytime soon for Dennis Allen’s defense.