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Making the Team Meter: Preseason Game 1

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Players trending up, trending down, or remaining unchanged for a final roster spot.

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

After each New Orleans Saints preseason game, I will look at 6 fringe players and assess their likelihood of making the final New Orleans Saints roster based off of that game’s performance. Roster spot locks will not be considered as it’s already a given that players like Drew Brees, Brandin Cooks, and Delvin Breaux are going to make the team. That being said, here’s who trending up...

Trending Up for a Roster Spot:

WR Tommylee Lewis

A personal recommendation from Sean Payton-mentor Bill Parcells goes a long way. He was given plenty of opportunities in the second half with QB Luke McCown at the helm, and he made a couple great plays on the ball. If he continues this success, he just might find himself with a roster spot.

ST/RB Daniel Lasco

As a pure Running Back, Lasco is a better player than Marcus Murphy (more on him later). Lasco ran hard and fast late in the game and did not shy away from contact. His willingness to take or lay a hit was also evident with superb special teams play, where he made a nice tackle on the Patriots’ return man.

Chances Remain Unchanged:

PR/KR Marcus Murphy

A second-year player out of Missouri, Murphy is by no means a lock to make the team out of camp. However, the Saints have really not had a dynamic return special since the days of Reggie Bush. Murphy has shown an ability to help the team get good field position on returns, but has also shown an inability to consistently make good decisions on when to bring the ball out of the endzone on a kickoff. It will take more of the good and less of the bad for Murphy to make the team. He can’t afford too many more mistakes, in spite of his homerun potential.

WR R.J. Harris

A personal favorite of mine, R.J. Harris had the ball thrown his way a handful of times late in the game. However, R.J. was rarely able to come down with the ball, especially in a contested catch. A pass intended for R.J. was intercepted in the endzone, and it was hard to tell if the ball was underthrown or if R.J. and Luke McCown were just not on the same page with that route. R.J. remains a longshot to make the team.

Trending Down for a Roster Spot:

WR Brandon Coleman

Emerging names like Tommylee Lewis are definitely threatening to take a job away from Brandon Coleman. Garrett Grayson’s first pass attempt of the game ended up being a Pick-6 on a (poorly thrown) ball off of Brandon Coleman’s hands. While that interception was not Coleman’s fault, I mention it only because that was the lone time I saw Brandon Coleman on my television. He’s been invisible in camp too, according to reports, so things aren’t looking up for him so far.

K Kai Forbath

With the Saints constantly going for 2 point conversions instead of kicking the extra point, we really didn’t get a chance to see the kicker battle between Connor Barth and Kai Forbath. Forbath was given the lone FG attempt (a 50-yarder) and he missed with a kick that wasn’t even close. Sean Payton was visibly upset on the sideline after the miss. That’s not good for a guy fighting for a roster spot.

So what says you, Saints fans? Any players you think I missed? There were a couple offensive linemen and cornerbacks I thought about mentioning, but I stuck with these. Let me know in the comments if you would mention other players. Send me presents.