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DeAndre Hopkins on Saints Rookie Wide Receiver Mike Thomas: "I like his game a lot. He reminds me of myself, honestly."

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Mike Thomas reminds DeAndre Hopkins of DeAndre Hopkins

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Saints rookie wideout Mike Thomas (@cantguardmikehas already made himself known to Saints fans, but he's had an NFL fan  in Houston Texans Pro Bowl WR DeAndre "Nuk" Hopkins since his college days. Per Josh Katzenstein of the Times Picayune.

I like his game a lot. He reminds me of myself, honestly. The guy is not a very talked-about guy, but he goes out there and makes plays. Coming out of the combine, he was one of my favorite receivers. (Even) without me talking to him before, I liked his game a lot.

Aside from Thomas' big play abilitiy, there's a good reason Hopkins appreciates the rookie's game and likens it to his own.

Since he's been in college at Ohio State, he would always text me and just ask me questions about things he can do to help his hands, help his route running, so I've kind of been a mentor to him since he was in college.

I have a hard time disagreeing, Nuk.

As for Mike himself? Never get comfortable. Never settle. Per Mike Triplett of ESPN.

Oh, you never can be comfortable in this league," Thomas said. "I'm still young. I still can make more plays, I feel like. Never get comfortable. I couldn't even tell you where my comfort level is at. I'm not comfortable, though.