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Saints Release Cornerback Keenan Lewis

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Lewis insists he's going to be healthy and that he is eager to catch-on with another team and show the Saints they made a mistake.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Triplett of ESPN has just reported that the Saints are releasing veteran CB Keenan Lewis.

Lewis, a 7-season veteran and native of New Orleans, joined the Saints as a free agent in 2013 via the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had appeared in all 32 games his first two seasons with the team, but notched only 6 last season owing to injury issues. Over three seasons in the Crescent City, Lewis tallied 93 combined tackles, 24 passes defended, and 6 interceptions.

Mike Triplett just now updated his original post with the following statement from Lewis.

CB Keenan Lewis told me he has been released by the Saints. He insisted that he is excited and ready for a fresh start, understands the business and thinks Saints were ready to move on with their young corners. Lewis said he felt like he never meshed with DC Dennis Allen and that he was closer with former DC Rob Ryan. But said he has utmost respect for Sean Payton and his hometown organization. Lewis also said they weren't arguing over his injury rehab, but he let the team know he wanted to wait until he was back close to 100 percent instead of being a part-time player at 70 percent. He said he is eager to catch on with another team and show the Saints they made a mistake.

Scratching my head on this one, everyone. What will the financial implications be? Oh, and yeah, our secondary isn't exactly the most talented. I figured Lewis would be the starting corner opposite Delvin Breaux, but now I'm guessing that role falls to P.J. Williams. Or maybe both of those guys will be released and we'll just start at corner those wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube men.

A goodbye from #21.

Stay tuned for any updates we may have.