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There May Have Been a Defensive Penalty Here

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That was definitely a PI or holding or something.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints did not have a great preseason game tonight, falling to the Houston Texans 16-9. I know that. I apologize I'm late to the somber (and likely sober) after party. I was watching the UFC fight - and what a battle that was.  I'm watching the condensed replay at the moment and I notice an unscrupulous incursion in the Houston Texans defensive 'secondary'.

Mike Thomas takes off from the bottom of  the screen (#13) and is immediately met by who I think might be Benardrick McKinney. Met is a nice way of saying "excessively greeted".

Well, Texans veteran CB Johnathan Joseph can clearly exploit this and snags a pick from Drew Brees.

Look, maybe I'm wrong and that was legal. You can bump within 5 yards, not bear hug. Also, it's only preseason. We're talkin' 'bout practice?! It's a small worthwhile point by a huge Saints fan who is very excited about this team, win or lose. I'm confident we'll learn a lot this season.

There was so much to take away from this game - Nick Fairley, P.J. Williams. I'll get to some more specific articles with gifs and takeaways from the game shortly. Stay tuned.

Here's another view.