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Making the Team Meter: Preseason Game 2

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Players trending up, trending down, or remaining unchanged for a final roster spot.

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

After each New Orleans Saints preseason game, I will look at 6 fringe players and assess their likelihood of making the final New Orleans Saints roster based off of that game’s performance. Roster spot locks will not be considered as it’s already a given that players like Drew Brees, Brandin Cooks, and Delvin Breaux are going to make the team. Here’s a look at the Making the Team Meter last week. That being said, here’s who trending up...

Trending Up for a Roster Spot:

ST/RB Daniel Lasco

He was trending up last week, and he remains here after the second week. He didn’t have a stand-out game on the ground last week, but most of that falls on the offensive line. He continues to shine on Special Teams, where he showed his willing to lay the wood by making a big tackle in the second half.

G Landon Turner

Turner was guilty of a costly false start while the Saints were driving deep into Texans’ territory, but other than that, he played fairly unspectacularly on the offensive line. Unfortunately, considering the play of former first round pick, Andrus Peat, “unspectacular” play is looking like “starter” material. We can only hope the Saints address this soon.

LB/DE Davis Tull

Tull might have already been a favorite to make the team, but he is far from a sure thing as he’s not a proven commodity in the NFL. After the injury to Saints linebacker-turned-potential-defensive-end Hau’oli Kikaha, Davis Tull looks to be one of the players primed to help fill that void. Tull was disruptive during his limited play, and made it into the backfield a couple of times.

Trending Down for a Roster Spot:

PR/KR Marcus Murphy

Last week I said, “It will take more of the good and less of the bad for Murphy to make the team.” Well, this week was definitely more of the bad for Murphy. Another game and another fumbled punt. If he doesn’t find a way to get out of Sean Payton’s fumble doghouse soon, he won’t be a member of the New Orleans Saints to start the season.

C Jack Allen

Holding penalties continue to be a problem for Allen who picked up two more in the matchup against the Texans. As far as we know, Allen is limited only to the Center position, and his penalties and lack of ability to player in other spots along the line are really hurting his chances to making the team.

WR Brandon Coleman

I was criticized last week for even mentioning the possibility Coleman might not make the team, but I stand by this position another week. One drop and an incomplete pass on a 50/50 ball are killing Coleman’s chances of returning to the Saints to start the year. He has tons of potential, that can’t be denied. He just better show some of that potential in the next two weeks.

So what says you, Saints fans? Any players you think I missed? Let me know in the comments if you would mention other players. Send me presents.