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2016 NFL Draft Already Looking to Haunt 2016 New Orleans Saints

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The decisions to de-prioritize Guard and Defensive End look to be major issues moving forward this season.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

I was lambasted over my decisions to criticize the Saints second and third days of the 2016 NFL Draft. Going the entire draft without a single Guard, when there was an obvious need for two? Trading up multiple times? Ignoring the need for edge pass rush?

I was told:

Give it a chance. Why is it, we as fans and bloggers, think we are smarter than the Saints brain trust? Maybe the Saints have something worked out at the Guard position.

I don't think Guard was as big a need to chastise them for not picking one. You can find adequate Guards.

The Saints will either draft or sign a Guard or two.

etc. etc. etc. You get the picture.

Well now, entering the final week of the preseason, the Saints have (to this point) stayed the course on the offensive line. No additional moves have been made (yet), and none of the undrafted rookies have impressed. Through the first three preseason games, the Saints QBs have been under fairly consistent pressure, and there has been zero push on the offensive line to create holes for the running game.

A move needs to be made. There are still options. There is still time.

But, for now, the New Orleans Saints are forced to lay in the bed that they made.

It might be a really long season, folks.