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The Savior for the 2016 New Orleans Saints Season: Luke McCown?

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Luke McCown might help out the 2016 Saints in a way he never imagined.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We've already poured over the dreary outlook for the New Orleans Saints 2016 season, but what hopes do we have? Is there any player who can ride on a white horse and be the savior this team needs to carry us to victory?

Enter Saints back-up QB Luke McCown.

How is Luke McCown the key to success for the 2016 New Orleans Saints? Well, it's not McCown exactly, but Cowboys offensive linemen Ronald Leary. After the injury to Cowboy's starting QB Tony Romo, the Cowboys expect to start Dak Prescott for the first five weeks of the regular season. Dak was pencilled in as the back-up to Romo in the event of injury during the regular season. But what happens if Dak gets hurt? Who is the third-string QB? Right now, the answer is either Kellen Moore or Jameill Showers, both young QBs with little to no experience in the NFL.

And that's where Luke McCown comes in. The Cowboys could use a proven veteran backup, and McCown presents a better option over free agents Travaris Jackson, Jimmy Clausen, and Matt Flynn. But what do the Cowboys have to give up? Guard Ronald Leary. Leary has been pushed out of a starting role with the Cowboys after they drafted LSU Guard La'el Collins and has asked for a trade.

The Cowboys could use a veteran backup quarterback, and the Saints could use a starting-caliber guard. The two teams seem like a match made in heaven. McCown plus a 2017 4th Round Pick might be enough to snag Leary from the Cowboys.

Help on the offensive line helps sustain offensive drives. Sustained offensive drives lead to a fresher defense. Fresher defensive units can make more stops to then get the offense back on the field.

All is not lost for the 2016 New Orleans Saints. We don't need to write them off before the season even starts, but it is clear the Saints need to make a move if they want any chance of success in 2016.

Luke McCown just might be the key piece that will make all of the difference.