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Drew Brees on Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest

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Drew Brees and Kenny Vaccaro express their thoughts on the 49ers QB.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I'm sure your social media is covered with people posting support, criticism, or otherwise expressing their thoughts on San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national anthem in protest of racial oppression. New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees has also decided to speak out on the issue:

I disagree [with Kaepernick's decision to sit through the national anthem]. I wholeheartedly disagree...Not that he wants to speak out about a very important issue. No, he can speak out about a very important issue. But there's plenty of other ways that you can do that in a peaceful manner that doesn't involve being disrespectful to the American flag.

Fellow New Orleans Saints Kenny Vaccaro also shared his thoughts on the matter:

I respect his decision to stand up for how he feels, but I don't think you do it in that manner. I think you stand up for the national anthem... It's bigger than just what's going on around our country. You've got people fighting for our lives, fighting for our country every day. And I think there's other ways that you can handle it.

On a related note, it is interesting to point out that the U.S. Department of Defense reportedly paid the San Francisco 49ers (Kaepernick's team both presently and in 2014) over $100,000 in 2014 for the organization to honor military personnel.

For the New Orleans Saints and Saints fans, though, I think Head Coach Sean Payton put it best:

Honestly, we have a lot more important things that we're working on right here in our building.

Colin Kaepernick made his decision. Now let's get back to football.