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Your Chance to Win a FREE #StupLyfe Hat from New Orleans Saints LB Nathan Stupar

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Want to win a free hat? It's simple!

If you want a chance to win a FREE StupLyfe snapback cap from Saints LB Nathan Stupar himself, all you have to do are these three things:

  1. First, follow Canal Street Chronicles on Twitter, @SaintsCSC.
  2. Then make sure to follow Nate on Twitter, @thenastynate54.
  3. Then just Tweet using the hashtag #StupLyfe. Feel free to tag us or Nate in the same Tweet. We'll retweet a few of our favorites.

That's it!

We will select a random winner the afternoon of Friday, August 5th. The winner will be selected on Twitter (and also announced on Facebook), so make sure you check back to see if you won!

Special thanks goes to Nate's agent, you can find him on Twitter @HHreynolds. Also check out Nate's website, for his daily training camp diary, and make sure you're back here on Canal Street Chronicles for Nate's weekly Saints mailbag starting before the Saints Week 1 game versus the Oakland Raiders.