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Former Saint, Lance Moore Signing With the Atlanta Falcons

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Lance Moore is signing with the hated Atlanta Falcons, but that’s okay Lance. Still love you and the glorious past.

Super Bowl XLIV Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Seems Lance Moore is signing with our most hated rival. The Atlanta Falcons are reported to be signing the former Saint and one of the 2009 seasons’ Super Bowl heroes. I can understand and have no hate towards Lance for the move. At this stage of his career he just about has to take what he can get. Will he make the roster or prove to be just another camp body for the Falcons.

Many here remember and hate former Saints’ QB Bobby Herbert for signing with the Falcons. The main difference is Bobby was still relevant and needed in New Orleans. Lance was released a long time ago and has signed elsewhere before. Not able to catch on anywhere else, the Falcons may have been his last chance.