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Fullback Austin Johnson Injured: Saints Signing Former Packers FB John Kuhn

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Austin Johnson has missed 2 days at camp. Read what you want into it, but the Saints are reported to be signing FB John Kuhn.

Green Bay Packers v Oakland Raiders
Kuhn scores against Oakland in 2015
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

John Kuhn a 10 year veteran fullback, 9 with the Green Bay Packers, is reported to be signing with the Saints. Austin Johnson has missed camp the past 2 days with an undisclosed injured. Could it be season ending? Sean Payton hasn’t made any comments. Surprised? Me either.

Side note: Kuhn has more career TDs than C.J. Spiller. 23 versus 22 for Spiller. Don’t read too much into that, Kuhn has also been in the league twice as long.