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New Orleans Saints Starters to Play in Final Preseason Game Tonight

Drew Brees and other first-string starters are expected to play tonight against the Ravens.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, the third week of the NFL preseason is considered the "dress rehearsal for the regular season." This is when most NFL teams play their starters the deepest into games during the entirety of the preseason, to get them ready for the first week of the regular season. It is not uncommon to see little to no first string starters in the fourth and final preseason game. This game is usually reserved for players battling for roster spots or to move up/down in the depth chart, and is treated as a buffer week to keep a team's star players away from potential injury.

Not this year.

Head Coach Sean Payton told reporters he intends to play his starters in the opening minutes of the Saints final preseason game. Exactly which starters and exactly how deep into the game they will play is yet to be determined, but we can fully expect to see QB Drew Brees throw a pass in a final preseason game for the first time since he came to New Orleans in 2006.

Much chagrin has been made over the abysmal Saints offensive line, so it is more than likely that this move is to get continued reps out of the starting OLinemen (with Drew Brees at the helm). However, we might also get to see newly acquired defensive ends Chris McCain and Paul Kruger make new their Saints debut.

Many times as a fan you skip watching the team's final preseason game.

Not this year.