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SB Nation's Power Rankings: New Orleans Saints Low After Week 1

SB Nation has just released their Power Rankings after Week 1, and TIMEOUT! This can't be right.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

With one full week of the NFL regular season in the books, SB Nation has released their unofficial Power Rankings. Click here to see the full list.

Atop the rankings were the New England Patriots, who beat one of the favorites to win the NFC, the Arizona Cardinals, even without Tom Brady. Picking up the rear at #32 are the Cleveland Browns, who lost their Week 1 contest and their Week 1 starting quarterback in Robert Griffin III to injury.

The Oakland Raiders, the Saints Week 1 opponent, came in the top third, at #9 overall. So where did the New Orleans Saints fall?

The Saints came in at 25 - eh. That is three spots ahead of the Colts (yay!) and four spots ahead of the 49ers (who won their game on Monday Night Football), but it is also one spot below the Atlanta Falcons (what?). The Falcons lost their game, also at home, versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ranked one spot ahead of the Falcons at #23) by a full touchdown, and the Saints lost their game versus the #9 Raiders on a last-second field goal. That doesn't make any sense at all.

Check back later today for my full power rankings.