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Sean Payton’s Final Saints at Giants Media Conference: Short and Sweet

Sean had very little to say leading up to Sunday’s game.

New Orleans Saints Media Availability Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

When asked about alignments, Sean was adamant that he would not and would never discuss that before a game. Detected a little sarcasm there when he said thanks for the question. Was a little vague, no surprise there either, about offensive packages. Did mention the jumbo package and that they would employ several as they usually do. Again no surprise. What was surprising was no one asked about injuries. Like I said it was short and sweet, and coach Payton cut it off before that one could be needlessly brought up.

What Sean did stress was they were very cognizant of the weather conditions expected on Sunday, since the Giants do play in an open air stadium. Rain is called for Sunday and the team practiced outside today despite the humidity, to prepare for this. He also stressed it would be important for the Saints to quickly adjust to the wind conditions in New York early in the game.

You can view the video through this link