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Turning the Corner

This New Orleans football team is still losing, but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

I had the opportunity to watch a lot of football this weekend. It’s pretty much a Fall requirement if you live in Louisiana. Of course that includes watching one of my favorite football teams.

Unfortunately, they haven’t been very successful on the field this season. They’ve already lost two games in close, heartbreaking fashion. But both times they’ve hung in there until the end. They just can’t seem to seal the deal, close the door, whatever cliche you want to use. It’s frustrating and encouraging all at the same time, to be so close yet so far away. Obviously you want to see your team win, but it’s nice to know things are at least heading in the right direction.

Probably most disheartening is having to watch the offense sputter, as they piss away good field position and extra opportunity brought on by a defense that’s actually doing their job, like forcing a bunch of fumbles. It’s enough to make even the most calm fan scream. Aren’t you supposed to win football games when you win the turnover battle?

It can be extra frustrating knowing this is an offense that we’ve already seen shine this season and put up big points. We know it can be done. But I’m telling you now, when this offense gets it together - and they will get it together - watch out! This team could actually be a complete package. That’s assuming the defense continues to play well, of course.

And there’s the rub. Getting both the offense and defense to play well at the same time, in the same game. Apparently it’s more difficult than it seems. Like a mythological creature, it’s something we’ve only heard exists but have never actually seen with out own eyes. Surely we’ll see it soon, right?

So I’m still going to remain optimistic. And not just for this season, but for beyond. For the years to come. The foundation is being built now; the signs of improvement are there. At some point this team has to turn the corner. It’s all just going to click and these close losses that frustrate us will turn into big wins that exhilarate us.

Who Dat and Roll Wave!