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Damian Swann Begs Police to Not Arrest Him Because He Plays for the Saints

Probably not a good argument in Falcons Country.

Back on March 18th, Saints cornerback Damian Swann (who was recently placed on Injured Reserve) was arrested for reckless driving in Athens-Clarke County Georgia. TMZ obtained the dashcam footage of the arrest in which Swawnn asks to be let go because he plays for the New Orleans Saints.

You can watch the entire clip HERE.

How TMZ is able to repeatedly get access to footage like this is a very good question, but the video has been released nonetheless. It is not uncommon for people to try to talk themselves out of a ticket when they get pulled over. Excuses, sob stories, flirting, crying... Police officers have heard it all, and maybe, just maybe, it works occasionally.

When the arresting officer is most likely a fan of the NFC South rival Atlanta Falcons, asking to be let go because you're a member of the New Orleans Saints is probably not your best bet.

He was probably better off crying. Or flirting. Or both. Whatever.