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NFL Picks Week 4: The Prodigal One Returns

Week 3 of the 2016 NFL season was the most brutal one yet for Who Dat Nation. What will Week 4 have in store? Let's take a look at the matchups.

The New Orleans Saints enter Week 4 with a 0-3 record and little hope in sight for a winning season.  The Saints are desperate for injured starters to return to help ease the unbearable burden the roster has taken on in the early stages of this season.  Now the frustrating Saints season takes us to Southern California where the Saints future Hall of Fame quarterback makes his long overdue return to where he started his career.  Not only will Brees and the Saints be at Qualcomm this Sunday, so will yours truly, so the Saints need to win this game!

Now let's take a look at this and all of the games on the Week 4 NFL schedule.

Last week I went 7-9

I told you so: Redskins over Giants!

What do I know: Jets over Chiefs?



Thursday, September 29th - Thursday Night Football

Dolphins(1-2) at Bengals(1-2)

Cincinnati is reeling after losing two in a row, against 2 of the AFC's best 3 teams.  Thankfully for them, Miami isn't even one of the AFC East's best 3 teams.

Pick: Bengals


Sunday, October 2nd - Very Early Game

Colts(1-2) at* Jaguars(0-3) - Wembley Stadium, London

Like most London games at 8:30am CST, this one should be as bad as it sounds.  Indy beats London Jacksonville 15-13.

Pick: Colts


Sunday, October 2nd - Early Games

Titans(1-2) at Texans(2-1)

Houston got exposed for the world to see in New England, but they'll rebound a bit with a win against Tennessee.

Pick: Texans


Browns(0-3) at Redskins(1-2)

Browns gonna Brown, y'all.  Washington beats Cleveland at home.

Pick: Redskins


Seahawks(2-1) at Jets(1-2)

Ryan Fitzsixpicks faces the NFL's top defense.  Avert your eyes.

Pick: Seahawks


Bills(1-2) at Patriots(3-0)

Buffalo dominated a miserable Carson Palmer last week, but Bill Belickick could start at quarterback for New England this week and still win.

Pick: Patriots


Panthers(1-2) at Falcons(2-1)

Carolina travels to Atlanta to avenge their lone loss of the 2015 regular season, and they will do so in dominating fashion.  Panthers get revenge and shut out the Falcons in Atlanta.  Carolina wins 35-0.

Pick: Panthers


Raiders(2-1) at Ravens(3-0)

These two defenses couldn't possibly be more opposite, and the dominant defense will be victorious here.  Baltimore wins this one at home.

Pick: Ravens


Lions(1-2) at Bears(0-3)

This Bears season is one of the very few things that in comparison makes being a Saints fan tolerable in 2016.  Detroit rolls in Chicago.

Pick: Lions


Sunday, October 2nd - Late Games

Broncos(3-0) at Buccaneers(1-2)

Trevor Simien and the Broncos are extremely talented and supremely confident going into Tampa, and it's a bit too much to ask Jameis Winston to overcome.

Pick: Broncos


Rams(2-1) at Cardinals(1-2)

Los Angeles may have the better quarterback, in Case Keenum, but Arizona will win the game by utilizing their ground game and eliminating the turnovers by keeping the ball out of their miserable QB's hands.

Pick: Cardinals


Cowboys(2-1) at 49ers(1-2)

Dallas' defense still needs some work, but facing the dreadful San Francisco passing game should be just what they need to pick up a third consecutive win.

Pick: Cowboys


Saints(0-3) at Chargers(1-2) - Game of the Week

Why would I choose a game between teams with a combined 1-5 record as the Game of the Week you may ask?  Because it's gonna be a fun one, that's why.  Two great quarterbacks facing crippled defenses.  The story of Drew Brees' long overdue homecoming, facing the team that told him he was damaged goods.  This thing writes itself.  There's going to be an awful lot of yards gained in this game and a good amount of points scored.

In the only two meetings between Drew Brees and Philip Rivers (London '08 & New Orleans '12), the quarterbacks really aired it out.  In the two games, Philip Rivers had a combined stat line of 52/82 for 695 yards with 5 TD's and 2 INT's.  Not to be outdone, Brees topped it with a combined line of 59/86 for 709 yards with 7 TD's and 1 INT.  Most importantly, the Saints won both matchups, 37-32 in London and 31-24 in New Orleans.  Now is the time for Brees to have that huge game in San Diego one would assume he's dreamed of since he rehabbed his devastating shoulder injury a decade ago.

This game should be often times infuriating, but ultimately exhilarating, with Brees finally winning in San Diego and the Saints winning their first game of the season.  Saints win 34-28.

Pick: Saints


Sunday Night Football

Chiefs(2-1) at Steelers(2-1)

Kansas City is coming off of a monster performance against the Jets, while Pittsburgh is still reeling from getting steamrolled in Philly.  Remember though, the NFL is a week to week league, and the Steelers will rebound this week.

Pick: Steelers


Monday, October 3rd - Monday Night Football

Giants(2-1) at Vikings(3-0)

The Minnesota defense is the real deal and they'll keep the Giants offense out of the end zone in this game.

Pick: Vikings


That's how I see Week 4 playing out, as the Saints look to pick up their elusive first victory of the season.  Leave us your picks, insight, and comments below!