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New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers: Bold Predictions for the Game

Here are some bold predictions from the contributors at CSC. What are yours?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a pretty common occurrence for fans and analysts to make bold predictions about a game or season. If the prediction doesn’t come true, then that’s OK - you said it was bold! If it DOES come true, though... now you look like a genius!

So in that spirit, some of the Canal Street Chronicles writers were asked to share with me a bold prediction for the fourth game of the regular season for the New Orleans Saints: on the road vs the AFC East’s San Diego Chargers. This is their chance to look brilliant!

Here are a few of the bold predictions provided by some of the contributors at Canal Street Chronicles:

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
  • Cam’s Day for Nothing - DE Cameron Jordan records three sacks in the game, but the Saints still lose.
  • Pigs are flying.. - Jairus Byrd catches an interception.
  • Status Quo for Ellerbe - LB Dannell Ellerbe suits up and plays in the game, but gets injured and doesn’t return.
  • Saints D Goes Off - New Orleans Saints defense scores both a touchdown AND a safety in the game.
  • Brees Breaks Record - Saints QB Drew Brees throws for over 503 yards, breaking Chargers QB Philip Rivers’s current record.

Here are my three bold predictions for the game:

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
  • Philip Rivers does not record a passing TD in the game.
  • Brandin Cooks records only one TD, but it’s not in the air.
  • Kenny Vaccaro returns and forces a turnover..

John Hendrix’s B(a)ld Prediction

For those of you who weren’t here last week, Canal Street Chronicles’ Managing Editor John Hendrix will make a not-so-bold prediction. If he’s wrong, he will shave his head bald. Each week, I will force him to make a bald prediction, and will make it tougher on him as the season goes. It’s Week 4 against the Chargers, so this prediction isn’t quite as big as previous:

So remember: if it the Saints defense is able to have a big game agains the Chargers, John will shave his head bald - so be looking out!

Make sure you share with us your bold predictions in the comments!