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Salute Your Schwartz!

With hopes of landing Josh Sitton dashed, let's try our dangdest to get FA guard Geoff Schwartz!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, dang. We lost out on Packers recently released (and multi-time Pro Bowler) Josh Sitton. We wanted him in N.O. and there were reports he'd visit the Saints' brain trust if the eventual-winner Bears' deal hadn't won out. Mark Ingram even wanted him to guard for yet another former Alabama RB, as he did in Green Bay with Eddie Lacy.

But this is where the Sitton stuff stops. On August 29th the Detroit Lions released teddy bear-faced guard Geoff Schwartz. Aside from having a teddy bear face, the 30 year old was Pro Football Focus' #18 ranked guard last year. Schwartz doesn't have the accolades Sitton does, and he's been on five different teams since joining the league, but he would be an automatic starter on our o-line. Currently it's a blender of Tim Lelito and Senio Kelemete/Andrus Peat as our guards.

With Schwartz though, he's starting across from Lelito.

Let's make it happen Saints fiends. Schwartz's Twitter handle is @geoffschwartz. Implore that he joins an awesome young team with a ton of potential and, by the way, a Hall of Fame QB who still looks awesome. Let's get him.

Not to mention he and Saints center Max Unger were on the same roster at the University of Oregon in 2007!

#SaluteYourSchwartz #WhoDat