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New Orleans Saints Re-Sign Guard Jahri Evans

He’s back.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

After reports of the recently-released former Saint Jahri Evans making a return visit to New Orleans, it has been announced that Jahri Evans has officially re-signed with the New Orleans Saints.

Contract details have yet to be announced, but with the potential pending news of a Drew Brees extension, it’s possible the Saints will have a fair amount of cap space to work with to make this move and possibly others before the Week 1 tilt versus the Oakland Raiders.

Like details of his contract, details of where exactly Evans fits into the current Saints offensive line picture is unknown. Will Evans pick back up as a starting Guard? Will he simply be used as a rotational piece? Is he brought in for depth to break glass in case of emergency?

Granted, the state of the Saints offensive line already is an emergency, so maybe Evans starting won’t be any worse than their current options.

Time will tell.