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Top 50 New Orleans Saints of All-Time: No. 25-21

We’re counting down the Top 50 New Orleans Saints in franchise history in honor of the team’s 50th Anniversary Season.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints franchise has seen its fair share of players come through its organization in the past 50 years. Whatever Saints generation you grew up in, there were plenty of talented guys you could recollect. We’re here to look at the Top 50.

Here’s the list up until this point:

50. Tracy Porter
49. Scott Fujita
48. John Carney
47. Dave Whitsell
46. Tommy Barnhardt
45. Tyrone Hughes
44. Thomas Morstead
43. Michael Lewis
42. Tom Dempsey
41. Joe Johnson
40. Fred McAfee
39. John Hill
38. Reggie Bush
37. Frank Warren
36. Jonathan Vilma
35. Derland Moore
34. Jim Wilks
33. Aaron Brooks
32. Jim Dombrowski
31. Will Smith
30. Sammy Knight
29. Hoby Brenner
28. Stan Brock
27. Jahri Evans
26. Dave Waymer

Jets v Saints  X

25. La'Roi Glover (1997-2001)

La'Roi Glover's career may not have got off on the right foot, but once he got to New Orleans, that all changed. Glover was more than effective at wreaking havoc on opposing quarterbacks. Glover's 17.0 sacks in 2000 was a league best, and his 50.0 sacks in five seasons for the black and gold is good for seventh-highest in franchise history. You cannot simply talk about the Saints turnaround and first playoff victory without recognizing what Glover did for the team's defense.

NO Saints History

24. Tom Myers (1972-1981)

Tom Myers is the franchise's second-highest interception leader (36). Myers' impact was strong enough to warrant being part of the second class inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame in 1989, and deservedly so. In a period where the Saints couldn't do much right, Myers was the Saints defense. He made the Pro Bowl in 1979, and played 136 games for the black and gold.

William Floyd #40

23. Wayne Martin (1989-1999)

Wayne Martin, the franchise's second-highest sack artist, was a terror at defensive end for over a decade. Martin racked up 82.5 sacks for the Saints defense. The 19th overall pick in the 1989 draft only missed five games in his 11-year career, and had five double-digit sack seasons for the team. Martin earned his spot into the Saints Hall of Fame in 2003 through a combination of hard work and determination.

Buccaneers v Saints Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

22. Steve Gleason (2000-2007)

To suggest that Steve Gleason doesn't hold a special place in the heart of New Orleans Saints fans everywhere is fickle. Gleason's blocked punt against the Atlanta Falcons in the return to the Superdome game will be forever known as the moment of 'Rebirth' for the city of New Orleans.

It gives us all chills to recollect the events that happened on Monday, September 25, 2006, but they'll always live on thanks to Gleason. Let's not forget that Gleason's fight with ALS and bringing awareness continues to encourage us all.

No white flags.

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

21. Jimmy Graham (2010-2014)

Arguably, Jimmy Graham is the best tight end to grace the New Orleans Saints franchise. His versatility and mismatches were a huge asset for the Saints offense, and an integral part of why the team had a Top 5 offense for so long. As a converted basketball player (yes, let the jokes and hate flow through you), Graham simply put himself in the best possible spot for Drew Brees.

While the team ultimately did the unthinkable by trading him away after the 2014 season, the short impact Graham left will be forever remembered by modern era fans. You also can't dismiss the fact that Graham's 51 receiving touchdowns is good for second in franchise history.