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Saints Thursday Injury Report: Dannell Ellerbe Still Does Not Practice

Dannell Ellerbe misses Thursday practice again with a Quad injury. Talent's a non-factor if you can't hit the field.

Ellerbe, a talented player.  That helps little if he can't stay on the field
Ellerbe, a talented player. That helps little if he can't stay on the field
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Both Dannell Ellerbe and Terron Armstead have quad injuries. Armstead is also listed as having a knee problem. So just what is a "quad" injury.

Source OrthoInfo:

Muscle Strains in the Thigh

A muscle strain (muscle pull or tear) is a common injury, particularly among people who participate in sports.

The thigh has three sets of strong muscles: the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh, the quadriceps muscles in the front, and the abductor muscles on the inside. The quadriceps muscles and hamstring muscles work together to straighten (extend) and bend (flex) the leg. The abductor muscles pull the legs together.

The hamstring and quadriceps muscle groups are particularly at risk for muscle strains because they cross both the hip and knee joints. They are also used for high-speed activities, such as track and field events (running, hurdles, long jump), football, basketball, and soccer.

While no specifics are forthcoming from coach Payton, with the quad there are basically 2 levels of injury. A simple strain leads to a dull ache and a tear results in sharp, intense pain. Since Armstead is practicing on a limited basis, he probable is only suffering from a strain. Ellerbe is likely to have a tear which prevents practicing. Rest, ice, and compression are the prescribed treatments for the quad. Also if not allowed to fully heal the player is likely to re-injury the quad.

Today's updated injury report: New is Michael Thomas with an ankle injury.

New Orleans Saints Thursday Injury Report presented by Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute

Did Not Practice
LB Dannell Ellerbe (Quad) 

Terron Armstead (Knee/Quad)
WR Michael Thomas (Ankle)

TE Chris Manhertz (Head)


Did Not Practice
T Austin Howard (Ankle)