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Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints: Bold Predictions for the Game

Here are some bold predictions from the contributors at CSC. What are yours?

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

It’s a pretty common occurrence for fans and analysts to make bold predictions about a game or season. If the prediction doesn’t come true, then that’s OK - you said it was bold! If it DOES come true, though... now you look like a genius!

So in that spirit, some of the Canal Street Chronicles writers were asked to share with me a bold prediction for the first game of the regular season for the New Orleans Saints: at home versus the Oakland Raiders. This is their chance to look brilliant!

Here are a few of the bold predictions provided by some of the contributors at Canal Street Chronicles:

NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

- Michael Thomas's big day. Mike Thomas has 6 catches, over 100 yards and a receiving TD. 3 of the 6 catches move the chains. One catch will be at least 40 yards.

- Brandon Coleman's bad day. Brandon Coleman drops a sure 1st down on a critical third and long. Or is that not bold enough?

- No love for Coleman. Brandon Coleman will fumble the ball. Murphy, too. Fleener gets 2 TDs.

- Brandin > Brandon. Brandin Cooks gets 2 TDs and has 150 receiving yards.

- Yep. That's bold. Saints defense scores the first touchdown for the New Orleans Saints.

Here are my three bold predictions for the game:

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

- Paul Kruger finishes the game with as many sacks as Khalil Mack. That means either the Kruger has a big day, or the Saints offensive line is able to contain Mack. Either way, definitely bold.

- Amari Cooper is not the Raiders leader in reception yards for the game. The Carr-Cooper connection is undoubtedly the best on the team, but I actually see Michael Crabtree to be the receiver who gives the Saints D fits.

- The New Orleans Saints win the game. Maybe it's not super bold, but many expect the Raiders to sneak out a win in the Dome.

John Hendrix’s B(a)ld Prediction

This is the start of a new weekly event. John Hendrix, Managing Editor of Canal Street Chronicles, will make insanely bold and unlikely prediction. However, if it occurs, he will shave his head bald.

So, if you’re really looking for something special to happen during the Saints/Raiders game, start cheering for a Jairus Byrd Pick-6.

Make sure you share with us your bold predictions in the comments!