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New Orleans Saints Heavy Underdog for Super Bowl 52

Way-too-early odds are out for teams to reach the Super Bowl next year, and it’s not looking good for the Saints.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With Super Bowl 51 still a week away, to say posting the odds for Super Bowl 52 might be considered premature would be an understatement. Still, that hasn’t stopped online sports betting sites like from posting the odds for all 32 teams.

New England Patriots +500

Green Bay Packers +1000

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Seattle Seahawks +1100

Atlanta Falcons +1200

Dallas Cowboys +1200

Kansas City Chiefs +1800

Oakland Raiders +1800

Carolina Panthers +2000

Denver Broncos +2500

New York Giants +2500

Houston Texans +3300

Indianapolis Colts +3300

Minnesota Vikings +3300

Arizona Cardinals +3500

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3500

Baltimore Ravens +4000

Miami Dolphins +4500

Tennessee Titans +5000

Washington Redskins +5000

New Orleans Saints +5500

Cincinnati Bengals +6000

Philadelphia Eagles +6000

Jacksonville Jaguars +6500

Los Angeles Chargers +6500

Detroit Lions +7500

Buffalo Bills +10000

Los Angeles Rams +12000

New York Jets +12000

Chicago Bears +15000

San Francisco 49ers +20000

Cleveland Browns +25000

What are the takeaways here?

Well for starters, the New England Patriots have the “best chance” of making it back to the Super Bowl next year, with their Super Bowl 51 opponent, actually behind both of the NFC teams they played in the playoffs this year to make it there themselves.

The Saints are also the least favored team from the entire NFC South with the Falcons, Panthers, and Bucs (in that order) all ahead of them.

Granted, these current betting odds are done before any moves have been made this offseason, before any 2017 NFL Draft pick, and before a single 2017 regular-season snap. Much can (and will) change between now and Opening Kickoff 2017, but for now, the Saints can embrace the underdog role where they seem to thrive.