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Senior Bowl Day 3 Recap: QB Peterman Shines/Feeney Interview

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-North Practice Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Today was the last day of practices for the Senior Bowl, which will take place this upcoming Saturday. Our focus today was quarterbacks and the offensive line. There are six quarterbacks participating this year and they all range in terms of where they are predicted to fall in the NFL draft.

I focused on these areas during drills and practice:
Touch on passes
Accuracy (Placement of throw and type of passes)
Pocket awareness (how they moved vertically/horizontally to avoid pressure)
Route Progression (did they go through all their options)
Reads (determining man vs zone, blitz, etc.)

Nathan Peterman, QB, Pittsburgh

Peterman transferred from Tennessee to Pittsburgh for his Junior season where he would immediately start at the helm of the Pitt offense. While at face value his season total aren’t necessarily eye-popping (61.1%, 5142 yards, 47 TDs, 15 INTs) what really stands out is his QB rating of 163.4 for his senior season. This number is higher than any of the other quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl and those currently rated to go in the first round.

This week Peterman was the only QB I saw who checked off every box in the above categories. He threw receivers open, often times making it impossible for a defensive back to pick him off, and showed high accuracy in his drills. One thing he did that I saw no one else do was every play he read through his routes. Even after his throw was completed in drills he was still rotating his hips and body to the next target.

He steps up in the pocket well to avoid pressure from the edge and didn’t force a pass to avoid a sack. Today’s display in particular was one of smart football. Efficient and selective passing helped Peterman shine as the top quarterback this week.

Davis Webb, QB, California

Webb throws a beautiful football. Multiple end zone attempts were place in the perfect spot, with the perfect arc, that led to several nods of approval. There was some zip on his throws, but I would have liked to see more mobility inside the pocket much like Peterman displayed.

He is a larger QB at 229 pounds (standing 6’5) so an expectation for more mobility might be asking a lot. Still, no matter how pretty a pass you through you must be aware of who and what is coming to get you. Another transfer, switching from Texas Tech to California his senior year, Webb put up a 135.6 QB rating as a senior.

Dan Feeney, G, Indiana

I’m sold. After watching him at the RG position and talking to him after practice today you can be assured that Feeney would be a good fit in New Orleans should they opt to select him in the NFL Draft. Currently slated as a 2-3 round grade by various sources, Feeney might not be available should the Saints wait too long to select him. However, if they feel they need a plug-and-play guard Feeney looks to fit the part.

Having played a lot of zone run at Indiana, picking up the Saints current blocking scheme should be a smooth transition. He anchors well, holding his ground against strong interior talent here at the Senior Bowl and shows an ability to move to the second level when needed. Short interview with Feeney has been included at the end of this article.

Conor McDermott, OT, UCLA

Standing at a towering 6’8 and weighing 305 pounds, McDermott is a player who struggled at times during individual drills. However, when the offense and defense came together everything just seemed to click for McDermott. Going against Kpassagnon, who had a good week in his own right, McDermott was able to turn and box out the large DE from Villanova.

Walter Football gives McDermott a 5th-7th round grade, so he should be available late in the draft for the Saints if they feel he would make a good fit as a potential replacement for Strief. This is of course assuming the Saints decide to leave Andrus Peat on the left side of the line where he looked more comfortable in 2016.

That’s it for the practices this week here at the Senior Bowl. Make sure you check out my Twitter, as well as the Canal Street Chronicles Facebook page where I did end of day video recaps. A lot of information is available in those locations as well. We’ll make sure to keep you up to date with everything coming out of Mobile. Who Dat and God Bless.