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Drew Brees on Matt Ryan, Sean Payton, and life after football

Saints QB Drew Brees is stopped by TMZ and hits a myriad of topics.

Pro Bowl Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is without question destined for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but there are plenty of options for Drew to consider for life after football. He’s active in the New Orleans community, he’s a spokesperson for seemingly any company that will pay him, and he’s a brilliant football mind that would work great as an analyst or coach.

However, he’s also open to politics.

When TMZ stopped Drew Brees in the airport to bombard him with questions, Drew openly admitted to considering a political career when he hangs up his cleats.

That wasn’t the only nugget dropped by Drew in his brief conversation. He also said that Matt Ryan didn’t need any of his advice for the upcoming Super Bowl and that Ryan deserved to be the MVP.

When the TMZ reporter then asked Drew about the Sean Payton trade rumors that circulated the media immediately following the regular season, Drew steadfastly shot them down, claiming emphatically, “It’s not gonna happen.” The TMZ rep tried goading Drew into acknowledging a possibility of Coach Payton leaving the Saints by asking, “Hypothetically, if Sean Payton were to leave, would you stay in New Orleans?” Drew wouldn’t take the bait, saying again that Sean Payton wasn’t going anywhere and that he “doesn’t want to live in a hypothetical world.”

Interesting stuff.