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Saints Soar in This Week’s Power Ranking

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Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Here we’ll look at five major NFL news outlets and their weekly Power Rankings to see where the New Orleans Saints stack up week-to-week. Here’s where ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Bleacher Report and rank the Saints after their Week 6 win against the Detroit Lions.

ESPN - #14 (+8)

The Saints have won three straight, and their next two games will presumably be against the Brett Hundley-led Packers and Mitchell Trubisky-led Bears. Drew Brees has 472 more career passing touchdowns than those two combined, meaning the Saints could very well be riding a five-game win streak heading into Week 9.

CBS - #11 (+6)

They've won three consecutive games to become a factor in the NFC South. They face a tough game at Green Bay -- even without Aaron Rodgers.

Yahoo - #13 (+3)

There might be no better example of an NFL team taking a U-turn out of nowhere and changing who it is. Through two weeks the Saints’ pass defense, which has been terrible for years, was allowing an astonishing 141.4 passer rating. In the three games since then, they’ve allowed a 69 rating. No warning, they just did a 180. Now go figure out if they’ll sustain that.

Bleacher Report - #7 (+6)


NFL - #10 (+5)

New Orleans is the one team in the NFL that literally no one who covers the sport seems to be paying attention to, but the Saints have won three in a row with a defense that at least makes plays now. Sure, the unit allowed 38 points against Detroit on Sunday. It also produced 21. Moreover, the Lions' scoring binge started when they were pushed to a frenetic pace by a massive deficit. (I also wanted to use moreover in a sentence.) The point is, this is not the same group that beat the Giants in that 52-49 track meet two years ago, even if the score seemed similar. Next up: at Green Bay.

Average Power Ranking Composite: #11 (+5)