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[VIDEO] Saints Film Study - Cameron Jordan Pro Bowl Performance vs Lions

The Saints defense has come out in dominant fashion for three straight games. Cameron Jordan is leading the charge.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Is Cameron Jordan the most talented player on the Saints roster right now? He’s certainly making a strong case in 2017. For a long time Jordan has been the star defender plagued with a bad defense which has caused him to not receive the notoriety other defenders around the league are.

This year Jordan is on pace for a career high 16 sacks and 51 tackles. While big games like the one against Detroit Lions may inflate those projections, many analysts agree he has been dominant throughout the year. His play has helped ease the stress of the rookies in the backfield (Marshon Lattimore, Marcus Williams, etc.)

This week’s film study focuses on Jordan and we’re joined by Scouting Academy student Bryce Rossler to review his tape and grade his performance throughout this season. The video below might argue he is the most talented player on the Saints roster in 2017 (sorry Drew Brees?)

As always, thanks for watching! Who or what would you like to see a study on next? Who Dat and God bless!