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[VIDEO] New Orleans Saints Highlights vs. Green Bay Packers

New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Sean Payton and his boys have won their four game in a row. The New Orleans Saints seem to be rolling, and in case you missed the action on Sunday we got you covered with all the plays you need to see against the Green Bay Packers in their 26-17 win.

The Saints struggled with turnovers, penalties, and a forgettable first half, but outside of that everyone stepped up and helped the team win a crucial road game. Ted Ginn Jr., Mark Ingram, and Marshon Lattimore were just some of a many to have a large impact in the team’s victory.

The team is back home for a game vs. the Chicago Bears on Sunday in Week 8, and hopefully they can keep their impressive win streak going. With the NFC South in a bit of a slump, another win can only help the black and gold in their quest for the playoffs.