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Saints’ Drew Brees can make more NFL History against the Bears

Drew Brees can set another NFL record on Sunday, and he just needs 12 completions to do it.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has a chance to make NFL History in Week 8 against the Chicago Bears.

Brees needs just 12 completions on Sunday to eclipse the 6,000-career completion club (5,988 currently). Hall of Famer Brett Favre (6,300) and future Canton-bound Peyton Manning (6,125) are the only two members in this exclusive group.

The history part comes in that Brees can do this in a shorter amount of time than the two previous quarterbacks. He’s set to play in his 240th career game, and it took Manning 259 games and Favre 286 games to get there.

The next closest is PatriotsTom Brady, who has 5,418 career completions, and then it drops all the way down to GiantsEli Manning at 4,239 (6th) for the next active QB. 6,000 completions in one modern-day quarterback’s lifetime may not be a feat that anyone comes close to ever again.