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CSC Roundtable: What Should the New Orleans Saints Do with Adrian Peterson?

Far from a consensus.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In a continuation of a previous series, we thought we would let the readers see the inner conversations of contributors here at Canal Street Chronicles, where we each can weigh in on a topic and share our thoughts. We don’t always agree with each other, so view our thoughts below and comment with your thoughts.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

What should the New Orleans Saints do with Adrian Peterson moving forward?

Contributors in the conversation: Bob Rose (Bob), John Hendrix (Hendrix), Chris Dunnells (Dunz), and Ellias Williams (Ellias).


Dunz - Is the answer "more touches" so he can try to get in the flow and his production could increase, or is the answer "even less touches" (=release/trade) because he's of no value to the Saints as-is?

Ellias - I think you keep him because injuries at the RB position can happen quickly and then pile up.

Hendrix - I think they need to find more ways to get Adrian Peterson involved. Every time he's in, teams know he's going to run the ball. 6 snaps against the Dolphins, 4 were running plays. That just doesn't work.

Ellias - It's just that we haven't been in a game that required his specialized skill set. We haven't been in a grinding game. The last two games didn't need a FB.

Dunz - That's true, but even last week against the Dolphins, when the Saints were trying to "grind" out the clock, it was Mark Ingram, not Peterson, getting the ball.

Bob - To me, it’s unlikely that they'll find any trade partners, so I think/hope that the Saints should release AP and move on.

Dunz - There's a chance a team like the Vikings or Ravens could be interested. Maybe even the Eagles or Giants.

Hendrix - I don't see Peterson going anywhere. Trey Edmunds is more of a special teams guy, so who do you get to fill in for Peterson? I think the inconsistency in the offensive line, moreso the shuffling, has been a factor. The Saints haven't been that great at running the ball either.

Dunz - Tell that Ingram and Kamara who have looked just fine. Peterson has looked pretty blah.

Hendrix - Kamara mentioned that Peterson has been a big supporter of he and Ingram, has consistently provided coaching and feedback on the sidelines. Sounds like they are unified and just wanting to make sure they win ball games.

Ellias - Why can't he just be the 3rd RB? Why are we even having an argument about how to get him more carries when he other guys getting the carries are doing just fine? At any point Ingram or Kamara get hurt, his value skyrockets, and that’s what he’s there for.

Hendrix - Because people are losing their stuff over paying him millions to be in a lower capacity. I don't think it matters personally.

Dunz - And because if the Saints could get a 4th round pick back for him (hypothetically), isn't he worth more as a pick than as a 3rd RB and at his salary?

Bob - On paper sure, Vikings, Eagles, or Giants definitely need a RB. John, I don't think they move on from him either, I just think they should. It comes down to if you think AP has anything left. I personally don't. But you guys know that I didn't like this signing from the start.

Hendrix - On the flip side, if you are going to say 'trade AP', you're not getting anything stellar in return; that's reality.

Ellias - I mean we are paying our Tight Ends a bunch of money and only use them sparingly.

Hendrix - You're happy getting at best a 2018 5th round pick for Peterson? That's extremely generous. You aren't going to offload him to a RB-needy team and expect to get much in return.

Dunz - What did Stephone Anthony bring back in a trade?

Hendrix - 2018 5th for Anthony.

Dunz - AP would have to be worth more than Anthony... At *least* comparable, but probably a 4th.

Hendrix - I don't agree, at all. The Saints don't exactly win trades for one. Peterson for a pick is all it'll end up being, and maybe a conditional one is only hope of getting anything higher.

Bob - Based off what we've seen, can Peterson be effective at all? That's my doubt.

Dunz - That's the other thought, Bob. Peterson hasn't looked good thus far. Why would we expect him to be any better than a FA the Saints signed mid-season in the event of injury?

Ellias - We're in win-now mode. Giving up a RB at a position that is injury prone for a pick next year does nothing for us right now but weaken our depth.

Hendrix - I think the offensive line shuffle has been a problem. Once Terron Armstead comes back, I think the whole run game will improve. Getting Ramczyk solidified on the right side too will help.

Ellias - It's arguable Anthony wasn't a smart trade and yet he was also hurt and injured a lot.

Dunz - I would argue getting *anything* back for Anthony at this point is a win, but that's a conversation for another time.

Bob - The O-line shuffle has definitely been a factor yes. But Ingram and Kamara have still been far more effective. In my opinion, Peterson has had enough touches to show if he has anything left. As long as there's no drama or derisive behavior from Peterson, then you can hold on to him. My fear is that won't be the case. That's why I move on.

Hendrix - Agreed. You hold onto him. He's insurance. There's no drama, no matter how much the national media wants to push and pry. Peterson wants to win, the Saints give him a good opportunity.


So there you go. Was there anything said in our roundtable that you agree with? Something you absolutely hate? Tell us in the comments! Share you thoughts - who was your favorite and least favorite pick in this year’s Saints draft class? Tell us in the comments. Send me presents.