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NFL Picks Week 11: Facing Their Achilles Heel

We witnessed a thrilling and exciting week in Week 10. Let’s hope Week 11 will entertain just as much.

New Orleans Saints v Washington Redskins Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints face a team, in the Washington Redskins, that has been a difficult hurdle to clear for quite some time. Washington has been a thorn in the Saints’ sides for over a decade now, as they are just 1-4 against the Skins during the Drew Brees/Sean Payton era. The lone victory memorably came in 2009 in arguably the most miraculous win in Saints franchise history.

Now the chance is at hand for the Saints to pull back and whip the team that has been a problem for them for a while now. In rupturing the notion that the Skins are their Achilles heel, the Saints can hurt an enemy while also staying one of the NFL’s hottest teams. An eighth-consecutive victory will have the Saints faithful belting out a loud chorus of “Who Dat!” long after the game is won. Now lets take a look at this and all of the NFL action in Week 11.

Last week I went 11-3

I told you so: 49ers over Giants!

What do I know: Jets over Bucs?



Thursday, November 16th - Thursday Night Football

Titans(6-3) at Steelers(7-2)

Pittsburgh’s stellar defense will be the difference in this tight contest, securing a late victory over Tennessee at home. Pittsburgh wins 24-21.

Pick: Steelers


Sunday, November 19th - Early Games

Lions(5-4) at Bears(3-6)

Detroit’s defense will tighten up on Chicago’s rushing attack, forcing the Bears to beat them through the air, which they won't. Detroit wins 21-17.

Pick: Lions


Jaguars(6-3) at Browns(0-9)

Cleveland’s winless campaign sadly marches along to their tenth loss in ten tries. Jacksonville wins 28-17.

Pick: Jaguars


Ravens(4-5) at Packers(5-4)

Thanks to a strong defensive performance and a strong rushing game, Baltimore grinds out a win in Green Bay. Baltimore wins 23-20.

Pick: Ravens


Cardinals(4-5) at Texans(3-6)

Defense will win out the day in this matchup that would've been much better had it occurred a month ago. Arizona wins 17-10.

Pick: Cardinals


Buccaneers(3-6) at Dolphins(4-5)

This was to have been Tampa and Miami’s bye week before this game was pushed back from Week 1. Honestly, this game should have been pushed back even further, like off the schedule completely. Tampa wins 20-17.

Pick: Buccaneers


Rams(7-2) at Vikings(7-2) - Game of the Week

The toughest schedule from this point forward looks like it belongs to the Rams. Their schedule is absolutely brutal, with only two “gimme” wins over their last seven games. It starts as tough as it can get, as the Rams have to travel to Minnesota, to face the eventual NFC North champions.

The Vikings are on a roll, having won their last five games in a row, and now current Vikings starter and former Rams quarterback, Case Keenum looks to exact a little revenge from his former team. This one will come down to a late game-winning field goal by the home team. Minnesota wins 24-21.

Pick: Vikings


Chiefs(6-3) at Giants(1-8)

Kansas City has struggled as of late but they’ll have no trouble getting back on track against the Giants. Kansas City wins 24-17.

Pick: Chiefs


Redskins(4-5) at Saints(7-2)

The key to a Saints eight-straight win will come down to the Saints defense disrupting Kirk Cousins early and often. If Cousins is allowed to sit back in the pocket and take his time, much like their fateful last meeting, the Saints are in for an absolute fight. If the Saints can get to Cousins and keep his game off balance, the Saints can really start rolling.

Despite their sub-.500 record, Washington is a dangerous opponent for the Saints. This one could very easily come down to a big play late in the 4th quarter. Trust the Saints to make that play, earning a huge win here. New Orleans will continue to impress on both sides of the ball, and will come through with a big win over an underrated opponent. Saints win 31-24.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, November 19th - Late Games

Bills(5-4) at Chargers(3-6)

Buffalo’s demoralizing loss last week will have a carryover effect as they travel cross-country to face the Chargers, with a backup quarterback no-less. Los Angeles wins 30-10.

Pick: Chargers


Bengals(3-6) at Broncos(3-6)

Cincinnati’s non-existant offense will continue to struggle against a Denver defense looking to regain its early-season form after being decimated in recent weeks. Denver wins 24-17.

Pick: Broncos


Patriots(7-2) at* Raiders(4-5) - Estadio Azteca - Mexico City

Tom Brady and New England’s lethal passing attack will overwhelm the Raiders at Mexico City’s 7,000 foot elevation. Aztec Stadium sits 2,000 feet higher than Denver’s Mile High, where the Pats just played on Monday Night. Good timing for the Pats, once again. New England wins 31-17.

Pick: Patriots


Sunday Night Football

Eagles(8-1) at Cowboys(5-4)

Without Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas cannot hope to win against their rivals, the eventual NFC East champs, from Philly. Philadelphia wins 24-20.

Pick: Eagles


Monday, November 20th - Monday Night Football

Falcons(5-4) at Seahawks(6-3)

Much like every game this season, Seattle will lean heavily on their MVP, Russell Wilson, in order to pick up this huge home victory. If this game were being played in Atlanta, it may be going the other way, but it’s not, and Seattle will pull out a late victory in the closing moments. Seattle wins 27-25.

Pick: Seahawks


There we go, Week 11 is shaping up to be pretty interesting. The Saints have the chance to win their eight-straight game and that would be quite the feat. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!