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WDC Ep 89: Interview with Justin Hardee | Saints v. Panthers Preview [Podcast]

In this week’s preview of the upcoming matchup between the Panthers and Saints, Ellias and Rev cover injuries, strategy and have a quick talk with Justin Hardee.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night as well as following every game, Ellias Williams and myself host our podcast live on the Canal Street Chronicles Facebook page (7P.M. CST). Last night, special teams ace Justin Hardee joined to talk the recent change to the coaching staff, his goals and the Saints moving forward.

Also, Ellias and I discuss whether Cam Newton will be able to force a different result than the week 3 matchup gave us, and how the injuries to key Saints defenders such as Marshon Lattimore and Ken Crawley can come into play. I feel Drew Brees will be key to a Saints victory. Will we see 4th QTR vs the Redskins Drew, or L.A. Rams game Drew?

Don’t share our podcast on here often (don’t think we ever have, actually), but figured you guys would enjoy hearing from Hardee. His segment starts about 14 minutes in. Who Dat and God bless!