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Sunday NFL Football: Week 14 Late Games Live Thread

There’s a huge matchup out west that could make for some interesting playoff shakeups in the NFC.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

There’s some good football on this afternoon, and Saints fans will want to keep a close watch on how things play out. Five games are what we have to work with for the late portion of Week 14, with the focus being on the NFC.

A win by the Rams out west could prove to shake some things up in the NFC Playoff picture. The Eagles are coming off a tough loss to the Seahawks, and are looking for a big rebound from Carson Wentz and company. Meanwhile, the Seahawks have a fight on their hands with the Jaguars. It won’t be easy for Russell Wilson against that defense, but it should prove to be a very entertaining contest.