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New Orleans Saints vs. New York Jets: Bold Predictions

Here are our bold predictions - what are yours?

New Orleans Saints v New York Jets Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

It’s a pretty common occurrence for fans and analysts to make bold predictions about a game or season. If the prediction doesn’t come true, then that’s OK - you said it was bold! If it DOES come true, though... now you look like a genius!

So in that spirit, some of the Canal Street Chronicles writers were asked to share with me a bold prediction or two for the Week 15 of the regular season for the New Orleans Saints: back home in the Dome to face the New York Jets. This is their chance to look brilliant!

Here are a few of the bold predictions provided by some of the contributors at Canal Street Chronicles:

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
  • Ginn Goes Off - Ted Ginn Jr. finishes with at least 170 receiving yards and two TDs. (Bob)
  • Kamara Kills It - Alvin Kamara has his first 200-yard scrimmage game with 100 in the air and 100 on the ground. (Brenden)
  • Dominance on Both Sides - Jets offense fails to score an offense touchdown. (Sig)
  • I Said BOTH Sides - Saints defense scores a TD. (Sig)
  • And That’s How - Manti Te’o gets a pick-6. (Bob)
  • Ingramania Running Wild - Mark Ingram uses this game to bring his season rushing yard total to over 1,000 for the second year in a row. (Rev)
  • Basketball Stats - Cam Jordan finally logs his “triple double” with two passes defended. (Sig)

Here are my three bold predictions for the game:

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
  • Mark Ingram has more rushing yards than the entire Jets offensive production.
  • Willie Snead finishes with over 75 receiving yards.
  • The Saints sack Bryce Petty 4 times in the game.

So there are some of our bold predictions for the game. What are yours?