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One thing we would change about the Saints season is the injury bug

It goes without saying that football injuries are just part of the game, but if we had a magic wand, we’d ask for a couple Saints back.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

You blink and realize that the NFL only has just two games remaining in the regular season. Luckily, the New Orleans Saints look to be one of the teams that will be in the postseason. At 10-4, the black and gold somewhat control their own destiny. Looking back at how the year has unfolded, we tackle this week’s SB Nation theme which focuses on one thing we would change about the team’s season. It’d be easy to say nothing for the Saints, but that won’t work.

The injury to Alex Okafor would be the top thing many would love to take back. Injuries in general are horrible, as the Saints have lost the likes of Nick Fairley, Alex Anzalone, Delvin Breaux, Coby Fleener, A.J. Klein, Nate Stupar, and Zach Strief - to name a few. Fairley’s heart diagnosis was practically a godsend, because the alternative would have been much worse. Klein’s absence is going to be felt, and at this point of the season, there’s not much the Saints can do to to compensate for his loss. Okafor out of the mix has been noticeable on the opposite end of Cam Jordan.

Outcomes of particular games would be something that would have been welcomed changes too. The losses to the Rams and Falcons were tough to watch. The Rams loss felt like it needed to happen to see how the team would respond to some adversity. The Falcons game just infuriated everyone. The first two games of the season against the Vikings and Panthers might be called a necessary evil, as it eventually led to the team going on a eight-game winning streak.

In retrospect, it appears missing out on Malcolm Butler (can we include Joe Haden and Josh Norman too?) and dealing Brandin Cooks were right moves. Sometimes the moves you don’t make are the wins, but it takes time to realize that.

Here’s some thoughts from our staff:

John Sigler: Saints not trusting younger players sooner in the season. Should’ve played Ken Crawley and Alvin Kamara more early on. All the injuries. Fairley, Breaux, Strief, Anzalone, Klein, Fleener.

Ellias Williams: The loss of Nick Fairley.

Adam Williamson: I gotta agree with Sig. I think the early commitment to youngsters would have at least changed the Minnesota game. Maybe not the Pats game so much. Injuries obviously huge as well, but a given.

Tee Word: Willie Snead not being suspended and being out of shape after.

Bob Rose: Should have Never Ever Ever Ever signed Adrian Peterson.

What would you change about the Saints season if you could?