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Saints vs Falcons Preview | Injury Update [Podcast]

Falcons hate week is here, and Ellias and Rev preview the game. The Saints seem like the better team, but why does Rev lack confidence?

The only thing better than winning the Super Bowl is sweeping the Atlanta Falcons, and the Saints will have to win Thursday to get that trend re-started. Drew Brees, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara against a young Falcons defense will be the contest to watch.

In today’s podcast episode, Ellias and myself cover these topics:

Saints Injury Report Short Weeks (and how TNF sucks)
Saints Color Jerseys are fiyah!

Do you guys think on a short week the Saints can go into Atlanta and have their way like they did with the Carolina Panthers this year? With Marshon Lattimore and Marcus Williams to both seem to be returning, all the key pieces to make it happen seem to be falling into place!

Hope you enjoyed the podcast! Who Dat and God Bless!