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New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram Kills GIANT Hog During Offseason

You have to see the size of this thing to believe it.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

OK, OK. I know it’s weird to see this as news. But normally, it wouldn’t be. An NFL player goes hunting during the offseason, so what? Well this just wasn’t a typical kill for New Orleans Saints 1,000-yard rusher Mark Ingram. He killed a hog that allegedly weighs around 600 (that’s right: SIX HUNDRED) pounds.

Now it’s not uncommon for fishermen and hunters to exaggerate the size of haul. But just look at this picture Tweeted from Mark himself (and keep in mind that the Saints RB weighs 200 lbs himself).

Wow. Just wow.

Anyone following Mark on Twitter during the Super Bowl knew how big of a proponent he was of both teams utilizing their Running Backs, repeating the hashtag #RunDaBall. Well this 600lb pigskin didn’t stand a chance, no matter how much it ran.

Winner of the Internet in response to Mark’s hunt has to go to the Tweet referencing Mark’s old Alabama Crimson Tide days.